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Seqrite Antivirus

Seqrite Antivirus is a sophisticated platform that protects businesses and their connected devices from advanced cyberthreats.

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Seqrite Endpoint Security was earlier known as Seqrite Endpoint Security, or Seqrite EPS. Seqrite is a part of Quick Heal’s security brand. Its solution provides advanced cybersecurity to businesses and protects corporate assets from all harmful threats. It offers a high level of security to all types of enterprises. It provides a complete enterprise security solution for avoiding data loss. To accomplish this task, it merges with high-tech technologies like anti-ransomware and behavioural detection systems.

Features of Seqrite End Point Security

Data loss prevention

 Seqrite data loss prevention feature help businesses to keep their confidential information with themselves. In simple words, it protects the data from being lost. Besides, it can also scan all other data from endpoints.

Web Filtering

 With the Web Filtering feature, you can block websites that distract employees at work, such as social media sites.

IDS/IPS Protection

 IDS, or IPS, protects the security of businesses by detecting threats quickly. This how, it secures confidential information.

Monitors file activity

 Seqrite monitors all the file activities. You can watch which confidential file is deleted, renamed, or copied across the network.

Solutions available in Seqrite End Point Security

  • End-point security
  • SEQRITE endpoint security cloud

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Seqrite Antivirus Solution is the best choice if you are looking for a solution that can protect you from data loss prevention. The Seqrite End Point Security solution enhances the digital experience of all enterprises. Choose the best Seqrite antivirus software vendors. Both endpoint security and the Seqrite endpoint security cloud secure organization data from cyberthreats. We, as a Seqrite End Point Security provider, provide Seqrite Antivirus software solutions at the best discounted rates across Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Manesar, Noida, and Faridabad.

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