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Malwarebytes is a type of anti-malware software designed for Windows, macOS, iOS, ChromeOS, and Android that searches for and removes malware.

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Malwarebytes Antivirus

Malwarebytes was launched in 2006 with the vision of decreasing the number of cyberthreats. Malwarebytes is regarded as a secure antivirus solution that has the capability to secure systems in real time and stops ransomware from poisoning systems. Malwarebytes uses sophisticated technologies to detect viruses and malware. Over the years, Malwarebytes has continuously developed, and it detects 99% to 100% of zero-day threats. Perhaps, Malwarebytes will ensure the safety of the system.

Features of Malwarebytes

Three system scan modes

Among all the antivirus software, Malwarebytes is a type of antivirus tool that includes three types of scans: a quick scan, a custom scan, and a threat scan.

  • A quick scan completes scanning in a minute, detecting all the memory stored in the device.
  • Every single day, a threat scan scans memory, startup, registry, and file system objects.
  • A custom scan can analyse your whole system.

Browser Guard

It is a free browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Bing. It blocks all kinds of advertisements, which protects a system against unknown trackers, malware, scams, and PUPs.

Suspicious Website Protection

This feature is known as URL filtering, and it automatically recognizes and blocks suspicious IP addresses and domains. One can easily enable this feature in Malwarebytes Premium.

Quarantine files

Suppose you installed a file that is safe from your end, but if Malwarebytes finds that similar file suspicious, it will place that file in a quarantine section. Besides, Malwarebytes can restore that file again if you are sure about its safety.

Plans available in Malwarebytes:

  • Malwarebytes Premium
  • Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy Premium (up to 3 devices)
  • Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy Premium (up to 5 devices)

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