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Why Anti-Virus is still relevant.

We are living in a digital world, where technology is evolving every day. But one big downside of growing technology is the fact that cybercrimes are also increasing day by day. And to tackle such advanced malicious online threats, one needs a solid cybersecurity solution. This is when antivirus software comes into play. Antivirus software serves as a first line of defense designed to protect your system from various harmful viruses and malicious software such as worms, Trojans, malware, phishing attacks, ransomware etc.

While online threats are getting more and more advanced these days, sometimes even bypassing traditional antivirus software programs, it’s making netizens question the relevance of traditional antivirus programs. In this blog, you will learn why installing a quality antivirus software program equipped with advanced security features such as firewall protection, anti-phishing tools, and spam filtering is still the smarter choice.

Reasons why you need a quality Anti-Virus software installed in your operating system:

  1. Free antivirus solution is a myth.

You must have come across various online antivirus solutions that are free. But depending only on these free antivirus programs can be highly risky especially with all the important data that are stored in your system. These free downloads are often just demo versions and not full featured version. They also come with only basic functionalities, lacking advanced security features. Instead indulge in quality antivirus programs having upgraded protection features that can detect phishing attacks, block trojans and spam as well as serve protection from suspicious websites.

  1. All round protection

Quality antivirus and security software can be your one place solution to all your online security threats. On one hand, commercial antivirus software comes with antivirus features that identify worms and viruses while on the other hand, firewalls block hacker activities. Hence, providing an all-round protection as well as solving incompatibility issues.

  1. Quality Anti-Virus safeguards your personal data.

As we are living a digital life where all your important life details from vacation photos to important official documents to bank account details are stored on your computers, indulging in quality antivirus software is no doubt the need of the hour. You could risk losing all these documents and memories in the fraction of a second without a solid security program. In addition to providing protection against dangerous attacks and viruses, quality antivirus software also offers data backup facility in case your system gets infected somehow.

  1. Highly advanced and undercover cyber-threats.

The common belief is that you can skip attacks by simply avoiding suspicious links that entice you to click on them. You just don’t click fishy links, or don’t open that spam mail, avoid suspicious looking websites, and not download any risky software. But it’s not always possible to avoid spam and viruses simply by being cautious. Even the expert users often fall into the malicious trap of viruses and trojans. This is because trojans are mostly undercover threats. They look like legitimate programs and important email attachments that dupe users into opening them. It’s just not worth risking your computer’s safety by not relying on a quality antivirus program.

  1. Saves repair costs.

You invest so much of your time and money into buying the best computer or laptop that will suit your requirements. And we all know that good quality technology comes at high prices that can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket. It’s a big commitment. There are many people whose whole professional career depends on computers and operating systems. In such cases, investing in a proficient anti-virus solution is almost like having an insurance policy that safeguards your computer as well as all your important data. Antivirus software will maintain and regulate your computer’s performance. Sometimes advanced viruses and malware not only target software but also the hardware of your computer to use it for their own personal gain.  You will save a lot of repair costs if you have a quality antivirus defending your computer against all these cyber-threats. As most of the antivirus solutions are not that expensive. There are many companies that offer monthly or yearly packages which are quite affordable. You can long time security in less price to safeguard your expensive high-class technology. It’s a good deal.

  1. It is a one security solution for multiple devices.

Having one antivirus solution is like having multiple security solutions for all your devices. There are some advanced internet security solutions that hold the capacity to protect multiple devices from computers, laptops, to your tablets. This feature really helps when you have one account linked to all your devices. While sharing the same account can make managing your work easier, having that account hacked will get all your devices disabled. This is the reason you need solid antivirus software and internet security protection that will not only protect single device but also provide overall protection to all the operating systems. This is how you can safeguard your computer from any sort of background vulnerabilities. Buy efficient Anti-Virus software to secure multiple devices at once.


A virus attack can harm your computer in many ways. It can slow down the system all together, damage your files completely, delete valuable data, cause system crash, or even leave your operating system in a horrendous beyond repair condition. The online world is not a very safe place. There are lots of risks and challenges that users face on a daily basis. Not buying a good quality antivirus is like inviting malicious online threats to damage your computer. A computer with no antivirus protection means offering easy access to viruses and malware. In addition to preventing data loss and protection against viruses, antivirus can benefit you in all these ways-

  1. It prevents virus protection.
  2. It blocks spam.
  3. Maintains speed of your computer.
  4. It provides protection against spyware and phishing.
  5. Provides advanced protection by limiting site access.
  6. It lets you control and manage the content your kids are consuming.
  7. It also protects your passwords.